BDCarwebs can provide Autotrust service warranties for self-imported vehicles though us.

Although the vehicle's condition is well-known, Autotrust service warranties by BDCarwebs offer peace of mind for the users against any major mechanical issues from point of hand over and onwards.

Autotrust service warranties begin when you start driving or using your vehicle. So the warranty period is not wasted while your vehicle is in transit to you.

For vehicle with Auction Grade-4 or above, bought through us, we shall provide 2 years or 40,000km (which comes first) mechanical repair warranty.

Autotrust service warranties cover failure of the following:

  • All mechanical components housed within (and including) the engine block and head(s). Cam belt, tensioner and pulleys.

  • All mechanical components within (and including) the transmission housing (excludes clutch wear on manual vehicles).

  • All mechanical components within (and including) the transfer box (4WD).

  • All mechanical components of the braking system (excluding brake pads or rotors).

Autotrust service warranties excluded items:

  • Any electrical issue including (but not limited to) electric windows, stereos, headlight or/and indicator bulbs, sunroofs or any navigational equipment.

  • Tyres

  • Glazing (glass)

  • Cam belts or any other failure that has occurred when the vehicle has not been serviced within the manufacturer's recommended periods.

  • Any failure that has occurred due to negligent operation of the vehicle (i.e. operating the vehicle with a lack of fluids, or with warning lights on)

  • Vehicles must be serviced within 500kms after handover initially and periodically within each 4000km

Autotrust reserve the right to have the vehicle repaired at their chosen repairer.Any fraudulent claims will result in the service warranty becoming void.