We are here to assist you to increase your buying intelligence for a suitable car of your choice. Since most of the showrooms usually attract customer by shiny polish appearance of the cars without disclosing the real vehicle condition, we are creating the opportunity for everyone to know the vehicle history by providing auction sheets of the vehicle which are sold in Japan within last 10 years or going to be sold in near future.
Auction Houses are the only main source of exchanging any vehicles in Japan. If any exporters in Japan keep stocks for export, those stocks also bought from auction. And the unique & precise way of judgement of any vehicle is auction sheet. Here you can find any auction sheet data for any Japanese vehicles to understand the real situation.
We are here for the awareness program to make the facility available for you to know the exact condition while you chose any vehicle of Japanese origin. 95% of vehicle is exchanged in Japan through auction houses, which is well-establish reliable & trustworthy process for buying-selling of vehicles. We will provide you the Auction Sheet of any Japanese vehicle which was manufactured since 2007. You can find exact condition while it was last exchanged through auction houses. Click here to know how to understand auction sheet.
We are providing the auction sheet of any Japanese vehicles. Alternatively we are also mentioning here some other options & links from where you may get the auction sheet and then verify by cross matching.
There are so many information presented at auction sheet to make a distant customer to get actual information of the vehicle, which came for auction sell. Though all are important things to know but still there are 3 major criteria to look for: (a) Auction Grade (b) Mileage (c) Fault Showing on Vehicle Map.
The auction grade is an assessment of the vehicle’s condition given by the Japanese auction house. The auction grades are very reliable and, because they are assessed independently and professionally, they can be used as an excellent comprehensive guide to the vehicle’s condition. Click here to see how to read a vehicle’s condition report.
Your vehicle will be delivered to any convenient place of Dhaka or Chittagong.
It is depends on CC and type of vehicle. While confirm any vehicle to bid, we can inform you earlier the cost of BRTA registration.

BDCarwebs offer voluntary service for it only with the actual cost of registration, if requested by the owner of the car.
This is totally based on trust and reference. To make it trustworthy, you can pay us through account payee check for each transaction to keep the record of your payments. Also, each process (carry to yard from auction house, uploaded photo after taken in yard, export certificate readiness, previous car owner documents receiving info, expected time of departure, expected time of arrival, bill of lading, DHL No for shipping documents) will be shown in your user profile in our site.
No. The plain and simple answer is “there are some variable cost causes for inland transportation, shipping cost, negotiation fee at auction house” depends on the exact situation and size of vehicle. That’s why we mention CNF Fee to add with bidding price for Japan Area costing. Apart from the above, conversion of currency (US$ to BDT and JPY to BDT) can affect a bit for customs duty at Bangladesh and other related cost. Other than this distortion, there is no hidden cost at all. Click here to see how the payment procedure works and Clickhere for the cost breakdown.
You can bid for multiple, but bid only on vehicles you are prepared to buy, as you need BDT 1,00,000 (1 Lac) for each vehicle you bid on. If you are a Showroom, or a Frequent user then contact to see how you can set up an alternative payment and bidding arrangement that is tailor made for your needs.
You can check the auction history to get an idea of auction prices from the past sales statistics on our ALL AUCTIONS LINK for the previous three months’ auction history of all Japanese auctions.
BDCarwebs do not trade in vehicles, however one of the benefits of using our service is that you are not paying the main portion (nearly 80% of total cost Payment B) of payment until vehicle arrives in Bangladesh and cleared from the port. Once you have made a vehicle purchase from our auction, you have ample time before your vehicle arrives to prepare and sell this upcoming vehicle for what is likely to be more than you would get in a normal trade in situation.
All vehicles managed through BDCarwebs are fully responsible up to delivery to you.
All vehicles, of Auction Grade: 4 or above, through BDCarwebs are guaranteed on arrival providing a 24 month mechanical warranty.
We translate any major defects that are listed. There are some comments written on auction sheet by Japanese Language. So, we will help you to understand what is written to take ultimate decision for bidding.
No, the photos show the actual vehicle being auctioned, but we cannot supply additional shots. But after winning from bid, we will take more photos when reaching at yard.
We’re not here to rip you off, and we’ve made our pricing structure 100% transparent to prove it. Before you commit to anything, you can see exactly what you’re paying for at each stage of the process with no hidden costs at all. We only took the service fee and cut the middle man’s margin to get benefit by you. Check out our cost breakdown here. If you are unsure about the pricing, you’re more than welcome to give us a call or send us an email.
You can save searches to your profile that will allow you to quickly generate a new search with the same criteria. This is particularly useful if you are actively searching for a particular make/model. When you have narrowed down your search criteria – just click the “save” button to the right of the “search” button. Next time you log in, click on your login name on the right side of the screen. Click “saved searches” and you will see all current cars that meet your saved criteria! – simple
Our task is to serve you in all sense. We are providing “BDCarwebs Selection of This Week” as Youtube Channel to give an idea of what you can plan for and which bidding price for regular demand vehicle in Bangladesh. But if your desired vehicle is not available from this youtube channel please contact us for your desired car information details.
Yes, if you are looking for a specific model of car that is not found at auction on our website please enquire with us directly and we can help.
Japan auction system also mention “OnePrice” vehicle which is not allowed any bidding. You have to accept the price which was asked within the right time, if you want to buy that. Link is here.
All of the key information (year, mileage, colour, condition) is displayed on the auction page for that vehicle. If you have any special conditions that you are looking for in a car (eg. leather interior, 7 seats, reversing camera, etc), you can mention that in the ‘additional comments’ section of the bidding process. Once you have completed the bidding agreement we will send you through a translation of the auction sheet, which will usually have all the additional features of the car listed.
As well as that, we arrange for one of our agents on the floor in Japan to conduct an inspection on the vehicle prior to placing the bid, if anything need to be more assured. Please note: In order for us to arrange a physical inspection on a car, the bidding agreement MUST be submitted to us BEFORE 10.00am the day before of the auction day.
Here is a video tutorial that may help: Just go to the bidding section to the right of the page. Enter your maximum bid amount and type any special requests you have. Click on the bar twice and we will send you a translation. If you win the auction for less, then that is all you pay! We will notify with the outcome of the auction and invoice you for the initial deposit.
Yes, – you can just add this to the notes when bidding. We will only buy ONE car if you have several bids running. Once the first car id purchased, we will cancel the other bids.
In order to get the car shipped as soon as possible, we require an initial Payment A, just after bidding, of minimum 30% of the total tentative landed price.
The registration cost is not included in this price and you will need to pay for this if you asked us to do the registration from BRTA.
BDCarwebs has a 3 stage check system that guarantees the condition of your car BEFORE any bids are placed.

1. BDCarwebs uses only auction houses in Japan. The inspection and grading of each individual vehicle is done independently by the auction houses, not by owner/seller of the car like some other sites. The auction houses follow a strict standard grading system in Japan that lists the car condition on a scale of 1 – 5. With over 10 years of experience of our Japan part it is found this grading system to be extremely reliable. We recommend grades 4, 4.5 and 5.

2. Before any bids are placed, we always get a translation of the auction sheet. The auction sheet is a report of the vehicle, and it will list any additional sale features or caution notes listed by the inspector. If the car has any features like leather interior, reversing camera, sun roof, electric seats, etc., this will be listed in the translation. It will also list any issues of rust, dents, scratches, stains, chips in the windscreen, curbed alloy wheels, etc. Our expert staff will go over and check the translation as well as send a copy to you to confirm you are happy with the condition of the car before any bids are placed.

3. As well as the auction sheet translation we also get the car inspected by one of our qualified independent agents on the floor in Japan, if it is really needed. This inspection is an additional measure we rely on to reveal any underlying issues that may have been missed on the auction sheet. We also use this inspection to double check for any additional feature you may be wanting on the car. If the car comes back from inspection with any concerns or it does not meet your specific requirements, no bids are placed. In addition to this 3-step safety check, BDCarwebs guarantees the condition of your car.

If your car arrives in Bangladesh and is not in the condition that was stated in the auction sheet and inspection process, we will cover the cost of any work required to get your car back to the condition you bought it in.
We are all about transparency at BDCarwebs! The auction data we use is managed by an independent 3rd party. You can double check any of the auction results on a dozen other websites to verify the validity.
There are a lot of exporters in Japan that push unsuitable cars and don’t care much once you have paid them! We have seen time and time again, unsuspecting buyers might get stuck with high mileage, low life time cars when they would arrive in Bangladesh.