You can rely on our cost calculator as a guide for the landed Price in Bangladesh and the totals of Payments A and B.

This is how to calculate the final landed cost on purchases from auctions.

Car Buying Cost
Auction House Fee JPY 40,000
Consumption Tax Surcharge 2% of Auction Bid
De-registration Fee JPY 12,000
Inland Transportation JPY 10,000
JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) Certificate JPY 16,000
Banking Cost JPY 12,000
Freight Cost JPY 80,000/Avg mini Sedan
JPY 85,000~92,000/Regular Sedan

* Freight Cost, Inland Transport & Other related cost will very as per vehicle size

Winning Bid Amount in JPY

JPY 1,80,000 ~ 2,10,000 / Sedan Car

JPY 2,40,000 ~ 3,70,000 / SUV

Total Cost of Japan (in BDT) Sum of above/Exchange Rate JPY-BDT
Duty at Port Authority of Bangladesh As per Government Rate
CNF Agent Fee & Banking Charges in Bangladesh 50,000~80,000 Tk
BDCarwebs Service Fee 5.0% of total of above
Total Landed Cost Sum of above

* Due to conversion rate between JPY to BDT and US$ to BDT, this area is variable