When you intend to buy a car which is made in Japan, BDCarwebs is your best logistics partner in Bangladesh. We help you to win & get the best car of your choice within the affordable price. The 4-steps`find-choose-buy-get’ system of BDCarwebs is simpler than you think. Getting the best car is now easier than you can possibly imagine.

BDCarwebs assists you to find your future cars in reconditioned vehicle markets in Japan and to enrich your purchasing intelligence to choose the best car by knowing the dynamics between vehicle’s quality and auction price. It helps you to buy your desired car, in any of the three modes, directly from Japanese auction houses. It also facilitates all importing processes on behalf of you.

So, when buying a car, utilize resources of the most transparent and reliable vehicle sourcing & purchasing system of the country, the BDCarwebs. Have a good logistic support experience from us. Be an informed & intelligent buyer-Grab the best quality car-Avoid risks, hassles and middlemen-save a lot of your time & money.
To become convinced, please go to details. Think again, exercise again and compare again before you move towards any other alternative options from this best solution for vehicle sourcing & purchasing under your finger tips.

Please be introduced with the 4-steps `find-choose-buy-get’ system of BDCarwebs.

At the first step, you can find your desired cars directly from Japanese auction houses. Secondly, you can choose your car by looking at the `auction sheet’ that describes the actual conditions and repair/driving history of the car with all necessary details. By taking interest on the first and second steps you can become an intelligent car buyer by preparing yourself with a comprehensive `know-how’ about the actual auction price of different cars considering their brand, model, year of manufacturing, condition and classification. Our total cost calculator helps you to get a complete understanding about the required expenses for getting the car in your hand. To become a well-informed car buyer register to BDCarwebs (click here to register now, it is absolutely free).

At the third step, we facilitate your buying of a car in any of the three ways-

  •   By giving you the opportunity to participate in the day to day auctions in Japan

  •   By assisting you to get fixed-price reconditioned car from Japan or

  •   By executing the whole buying process on behalf of you. A nominal security deposit of tk. 1 lac will be required for this step.

At the fourth & final step, we take all the hassles and burdens of importing your car from auction house of Japan to your garage. It includes inland carrying of the car to the sailing port in Japan, boarding, freight charge, insurance, custom duty and clearance, deportation and handover. All these facilities are provided against the actual cost. A service charge of only 5.0% of the actual landed price will be required to pay to BDCarwebs for the whole facilitation package from sourcing to take over. In addition, we also facilitate the registration process with BRTA for the imported reconditioned cars of our valued clients at actual cost.

We also provide vehicle’s condition verification service (VCVS) for any of your car (manufactured & auctioned in Japan in 2007 & onwards) by providing you the auction sheets.

We are confirmed that a correct calculation will convince you to get our services because through BDCarwebs any reconditioned brand car from Japan is less costly in total price than general market price. There is no additional hidden cost. There is no scope of hidden damage in the quality because you are ‘knowing your car, before you buy it’. So, you are having double benefits of getting a better quality car and also saving the cost.