'How to Become an Informed Buyer? & Intelligent also?'


We help you to ensure `authentic information about your car before you buy it’. Thus, we can help you to transform from a blind buyer to a fully informed buyer. We help to discover the unseen facts about the cars. BDCarwebs is here to provide you all the means to know the actual conditions i.e, the `auction grade’ of your future cars.

Buying decisions for a brand new car are mostly determined by four factors, i.e, manufacturer, brand (goodwill), technical specification and price. All the factors are almost fixed for all the cars of the same brand in a specific time in a certain market. But for buying a reconditioned car, even though, it is freshly imported from Japan, you have to be confirmed further about some critical factors, like,

1. Real Mileage of the Car: How (many miles) long the car has been run by the previous owner. Generally cars with more mileages are downgraded and thus found cheaper. (You may try to know the mileage by looking into the Odometer. But sometimes, ‘seeing is believing’ may make you a looser, here. But surely, you can find the real mileage in the `Auction Sheet’ which is available with BDCarwebs).

2. Repair History: The accurate information about all the small and big repair-works done in any part of the car. The auction grade of the car mainly depends on the number, intensity and passed time of repairing of a car. It is generally understood that more repairs are done in case of more accidents. Thus the cars with longer repair history are downgraded and cheaper. (How can you find the repair history of a Japanese reconditioned car? Answer is- `Auction Sheet’.)

3. Auction Grade: it is the comprehensive measurement to judge the actual condition of any car auctioned in Japan. Combining the above three factor i.e, mileage, repair history, user number along with all other considerable aspects the condition of the reconditioned cars are classified into different grades from rating 5 (best condition) to 1 and even `R’. Anyone can simply rely on this parameter to buy any car from Japanese auction. For example: If someone buys a car with Grade:4 rating, usually it wouldn’t go to any workshop for minimum 4 years after purchasing; exceptional cases are: regular maintenance or specific incidents. (You can find this grade is declared in the auction sheet by the globally trusted expert team of the auction houses. Never buy a reconditioned car without knowing its grade. Never take the risk, simply ask BDCarwebs for the auction sheet under our verification service).

Knowledge of just the `grade’ of the car of your choice from the respective auction sheet will be enough to make you an informed buyer and help you to be saved from a long-term risk of huge maintenance cost for your future car. So ask us for the auction sheet before buying a car from anywhere. Analysis over a few auction sheets will surely make you an intelligent buyer. BDCarwebs is always ready and happy to deal with an intelligent buyer as you.